John Cleese makes retro return to TV

Timeless British classics reunite for the first time in 30 years. Accurist launches first ever Tweeting Clock on Twitter

The famous 1978 “Accu-ankle, Accu-wrist!” commercial starring British comedy legend John Cleese will hit our TV screens once again on December 1st 2009. After a 30 year hiatus, the team at the family-owned British company Accurist Watches has decided to re-release the ad because of its timeless popularity. In addition to this retro return to TV, they have also bucked a trend by launching the first ever Tweeting Clock on Twitter today –

Introducing the first Tweeting Clock is a natural next step for Accurist. In 1986, Accurist became the first ever, official sponsor of British Telecom’s Speaking Clock. Now it is challenging people to see how long they can last following @accuristtime on Twitter which tweets the time every 5 minutes, 24 hours a day. There will also be a prize for the longest standing follower of @accuristtime! The soon-to-be-aired commercial remains authentic to the original release, but has been updated to feature new Accurist Watches – best summed up as “Great new watches, same old me”, as John Cleese puts it himself in the new ad. The commercial is still one of the most memorable TV advertising campaigns of all time and was even featured on the USA’s Johnny Carson show as one of the world’s ten best adverts. In the ad, John Cleese famously “Accu’s” everything from an elbow to thigh of a nonchalant female model feeding swans. Andrew Loftus, Chief Executive of Accurist commented: “The continued interest in the ad just goes to show that John Cleese is a timeless British classic. I’ve spoken to people who were fans of the ad 30 years ago and teenagers who have spotted the original ad on YouTube and everyone is very excited that it will be making its return to TV. We think everyone will love our new range of watches featured too!” Accurist hopes that people who remember the ad from 1978 or are seeing it for the first time will be inspired to “Accu-something” and post their Tweet Pics to

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