New Online Speaking Clock Goes Live Today

(M2 PressWIRE Via Acquire Media NewsEdge) Following a country wide search for the “faces of the time”, Accurist is delighted today’s launch of, its new and contemporary online version of the Speaking Clock featuring real people from around the UK announcing the precise time. It is a new clock for a new generation – an online clock that uses the faces and voices of Britain to announce the time in a series of edited video clips. Footage for the British Real Time clock was captured during a tour of the Accurist Booth across Britain earlier this month, with further chances to participate currently being planned. This launch follows the recent announcement that after 22 years of sponsoring the BT Speaking Clock, British watch maker Accurist has ended what was once described as the greatest sponsorship deal of all time’ marking a significant point in the history of timekeeping. Over the years, the Speaking Clock has received some three billion calls, all being told the precise “time sponsored by Accurist”. In keeping with its long-held position as the “Nation’s Timekeeper”, Accurist has witnessed a change in the way people use, read and keep the time and the company has now given the British public a time keeping service that is current, modern and useful. Since this family-run company was formed 62 years ago, Accurist has represented the highest level of timekeeping. The British Real Time clock is no exception, being built accurate to one-hundredthof a second, it is time to rely on. Andrew Loftus, Managing Director of Accurist said: “Attitudes towards time keeping have changed. No longer do people rely on watches and clocks alone to keep their day on track. The time can now be accessed in any number of ways, from mobile phones to computer monitors. We are particularly proud of our British heritage and we have chosen to express this by working with the British public to create a different, modern approach to time keeping. The Accurist brand is synonymous with perfect timekeeping and we hope that every computer in the country will be logged on to the British Real Time website, synchronizing the everyday life of the nation.”  

About The Accurist British Real Time Project

The Accurist British Real Time Project is the celebration of moments that make up modern British Life. This is Nick He is minute No. 56 We want to create a snapshot of Britain, inspiring others to see, do and experience more of what makes Britain great. For our first project we’re creating a new speaking clock where people across the country can become an hour, minute and second of Britain. Become part of our clock by meeting our tour, where you will be filmed speaking an hour, minute and second, then put into our clock. You’ll be part of a new British moment and may become a little bit famous too.

Online Speaking Clock FAQ

What is the difference between the British Real Time Clock and my computer clock? The British Real Time Clock synchronises to a highly accurate source each time you visit the web site so you can be sure the it is accurate. Your computer clock may vary from the true time. How accurate is the British Real Time Clock? The accuracy of the clock depends on how stable your internet connection is during the online syncronisation. It will always be accurate to within one second and often much better than this. Do I need a fast internet connection to get accurate use ofthe British Real Time Clock? The accuracy of the clock depends on how stable your internet connection is during the syncronisation and not the speed of your connection. When do the clocks change for British Summer Time? British Summer Time (BST) starts on the last Sunday in March and ends on the last Sunday in October, at 1.00 am Greenwich Mean Time (GMT): In spring the clocks go forward, losing an hour – at 1.00 am GMT the UK moves to 2.00 am BST. In autumn the clocks go back, giving an extra hour – at 2.00 am BST the UK moves to 1.00 am GMT. in the next three years, the summer time periods begin and end on the following dates:
2009 2010 2011
Clocks go forward 29 March 28 March 27 March
Clocks go back 25 October 31 October 30 October

The Tour

We’ve been touring around the country to film people for our new speaking clock. You can become part of the Accurist British Real Time Project by meeting the tour and being filmed speaking, laughing or shouting an hour, minute or second So far we have visited -
  • Earls Court, London
  • Lakeside, Thurrock
  • St Davids, Cardiff
  • Meadowhall, Sheffield
  • Braehead, Glasgow
  • Metrocentre, Gateshead
  • Merryhill, Dudley
  • Arndale, Manchester
  • Whitgift, Croydon
  • thecentre:mk, Milton Keynes
New venues are soon to be announced.

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